If you are looking to purchase a security system and the system is for a business, individual home or organization, you will need to check out the Tomball Computer Guy. Whether you require a large or small installation, the Tomball Team can handle the job.

Complete security and surveillance systems contain any number of hard-wired or wireless cameras. The cameras connect to a DVR and the DVR displays images on a monitor. Most of the DVR setups can be connected to a network. This network, which is internet ready, sends the recorded images to an outside source such as a phone or computer.

At one time, closed circuit camera systems were only feasible for larger institutions like banks, casinos, airports, military installations, large hotels, and grocery store chains. Now they are affordable for everyone that requires property protection of any kind. Tomball Computer Guy’s technicians are knowledgeable in the IT setup area as well as in surveillance systems. The combination of these two fields makes these technicians perfect for today’s technologically advanced security needs.

The types of surveillance system cameras available can range widely. Next, we will go over various kinds of cameras for different uses and budgets.

Bullet– The Bullet camera gets the name from its small bullet-like size and shape. This type of camera is beneficial for a smaller space due to its limited view length and fixed focus.

Dome– This camera is named for its dome-like shape and is usually used in interior areas of homes, retail stores, casinos, and restaurants. Some Dome cameras can contain a multifocal lens.

Fake– The Fake camera is the least expensive security camera option. It is also known as a Dummy camera. This camera doesn’t contain a lens, just on an opaque piece of plastic. The other Fake camera options are real cameras that appear to be broken and motion sensors that look like cameras. Fake cameras may have a flashing light or a simulated tilt motion.

IP– This camera is also known as an Internet Protocol camera, a type of camera that sends and receives data through a computer network.

Spy– A spy camera can capture video or audio-video of a subject without their knowledge. A Spy camera has the ability to be implanted in everyday objects due to its very small size. The Spy camera is also known as the Nanny Cam.

Wireless– Wireless cameras connect to a Closed Circuit Television, better known as CCTV. This type of camera sends signals to a wireless receiver via a radio band.

As part of different types of security systems, Tomball Computer Guy can install a Digital Video Recorder(DVR). This device receives audio-video from a signal, then records it to a disk. This and other facets of the security system is where the IT service experience Tomball has is crucial. Tomball Computer Guy also carries, installs and maintains different accessories tailored to any security system needs.